About Us

We are a women-owned CBD provider, with a dedicated team of go-getters based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, seeking to provide a natural answer to life’s common ailments.

We believe everyone deserves the right to feel their best both physically and mentally. We do this by crafting full-spectrum CBD wellness products that promote overall health and well-being at the best price per performance.

We know navigating the cannabis world can be confusing, we strive to educate and de-mystify all that CBD has to offer.

Mt Hood Oregon

Meet the Team

Connie Harrell

Connie Harrell

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Tonga, Connie was adopted at the age of two and grew up in the US. A proud Pacific Northwesterner and Pacific Islander, Connie founded Rongoavis to honor her ancestry by creating products that rely on nature to provide relief. Connie also leads Naked Extracts, an Oregon cannabis company, as CEO and President.

Two jobs would be enough for anyone, but Connie does all this and has a third job, most importantly, as mother for four beautiful kids and the grandmother of two!

Cindy Branyord

Cindy Branyord

Chief Strategy Officer

With over 25 years of experience working with & for some of the top Fortune 100 companies, Cindy brings her extensive knowledge of creating strategies to get Rongoavis products into customers hands.

When she’s not developing partner relationships, Cindy enjoys hanging out with her husband and five Labrador Retrievers, of which only two are slightly goofy. The dogs, not her husband.

Jennifer Gregory

Jennifer Gregory

Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer’s background in project management and design are a perfect fit for her role as CMO. With interest and awe in natural remedies and pride in Rongoavis products, Jennifer is driven to spread the word across all media.

When not causing a ruckus at Rongoavis, Jennifer enjoys jamming on some tunes, sometimes winning at tennis, and traveling to wherever she can.