We’re seeing signs of spring with this Chill-Ax enhanced Grasshopper cocktail!

If it’s green, it must mean spring! Celebrate the season with this refreshing colorful cocktail. Mint and chocolate are a perfect pair and when you add Rongoāvis Chill-Ax CBD it’s a terrific trifecta. Enjoy this easy to make cocktail with the benefits of CBD. Ping us on social media and let us know what you think! #rongoavis Cheers! 


  • 1 ounce green creme de menthe
  • 1 ounce white creme de cacao
  • 2 ounces heavy cream or vanilla ice cream
  • 1 dropper Rongoavis Chill-Ax tincture
  • Garnish: whipped cream, fresh mint, and/or shaved chocolate.


Fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice.

Add the liqueurs, heavy cream (or ice cream) and Chill-Ax tincture.

Shake well for about 10 seconds.

Strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass.

Garnish with whipped cream, fresh mint and/or shaved chocolate.

Enjoy immediately.