We’re here to answer your questions about CBD so you can feel confident on your CBD journey.

Can CBD get me "high"?

Nope, nada, no way!

What is the big deal with Full Spectrum CBD anyway?

Full Spectrum CBD uses every component of the plant plus less than .3% of THC.
All these components work together to encourage the “Entourage Effect” which multiply the potential health benefits.
In a nutshell: You will feel better, faster by leveraging Full Spectrum CBD.

Which tincture/roll-on should I use?

Revive: For pain, aches, inflammation, joint/muscle recovery and mental clarity.
Chill-Ax: Relieves anxiety, restlessness, headaches.
Snooze: Calming, restful sleep.

Its about personal preference, really.
Each roll-on is designed to combat inflammation & soreness but in different scents.
Moxie is citrus based and smells like orange mixed with cedar scent.
Zen has a light mint & eucalyptus scent.
Dream has a great lavender smell.
Bare, well, it smells like…..nothing!



Which milligrams (mg) should I buy?

Think of milligrams (mg) as strength or potency.
Like taking any pain reliever, its dependent on body weight, and pain/anxiety level.
We always suggest starting with low milligrams if you are new to CBD with one dropper full or 2 per day increasing gradually, if needed.
We are not medical professionals, and you should always consult your doctor!

How should I take the CBD oil tinctures?

Shake bottle well, and fill dropper up. Place full dropper contents under the tongue for 20-30 seconds then swallow!
Or, you can take a full dropper full of the product and mix into your favorite beverage!

Should I use CBD every day or just when I have pain/insomnia/anxiety?

Short answer: YES, every day! CBD works with your own endocannabinoid system. This system is considered to be the great “regulator” of your body. It regulates your mood, your digestive, nervous and muscular systems.

CBD addresses your system, not just your symptoms. But Shhhhhh…don’t tell Big Pharma! Their goal is to address only your symptoms. Oh, and make money. That too.

How the heck do you pronounce your name?

Ron-go-uh-veece. We know–it seems odd when you look at the other CBD companies that use a simple word as their company name. But we did put some thought into it!
Rongoa is Maori for medicinal use of plants. Vis is Latin for power or force.
Rongoavis stands for using the force and power of medicinal plants to help you live your best and healthiest life!

Can I get more information on how CBD works?

You betcha! Please watch this video to learn the ABCs of CBD.

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