If you’ve shopped for CBD for yourself recently, no doubt you’ve also seen CBD products specifically for your four-legged friends. So, what does CBD do for pets? It works in the same way it helps humans – reduces anxiety, creates a sense of calm, helps them fall asleep, and decreases inflammation.

Many pet owners are finding CBD is a more effective and safer alternative to prescription pills for their pets’ ailments – with little to no side effects. Plus, a natural medicinal product like CBD can be more affordable in the long run.

More and more studies are demonstrating that CBD works for pets by:

  • Helping reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, which improves overall behavior and mood
  • Helping dogs who have seizure disorders by creating calm and relaxation in their bodies that prevents severe seizures from detrimentally affecting them
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving skin conditions
  • Improving sleep quality

Responsible pet owners concerned about safety are curious about dosing guidelines and if it will make their pet high. Reputable products, like our Rongoāvis Buddies dog treats, will have dosing guidelines on their packaging. And though our treats have been tested on dogs of all weights and sizes, remember that these are general guidelines. Starting with the lowest dosage for your dog, experiment and see which dosage works best. Remember, factors like biology and activity level can affect your pet’s CBD experience.

And, no, CBD will not get your pet high. Rongoāvis full-spectrum CBD contains less than 0.03% THC, which gives your pet the benefits of the CBD entourage effect without the high.

Another question we get a lot is how often should I give my pet CBD? Well, that depends. What is your pet suffering from? For example, if you have a dog that suffers from chronic pain due to dysplasia, they might find inflammation relief in daily or 2x daily dosage. But if your pet suffers from anxiety and only on certain occasions, like when travelling, going to the vet, or loud noises, then you can give them CBD on an as needed basis. But remember CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and most pets with joint pain of any kind will benefit so much from regular dosing.

Just as you have enjoyed the benefits of CBD on your journey to better health, so can your pet! Please try our Rongoāvis Buddies dog treats and post on social media how they’ve helped. #CBDBuddies

What’s next? Rongoāvis Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets. That’s right – you asked, and we’re making it happen! Our new pet tincture offers an alternative CBD delivery system for your beloved pet. Can be used together with Buddies treats! More details coming soon!

The information contained in this post is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice.