There are so many beneficial reasons to take CBD, so how often should you take it?

We know that dosage is determined by individual factors like your size and body weight, severity of condition, and tolerance to CBD. And just like the way you dialed in your dosage with a little experimentation over a few days, the same holds true for finding the best frequency for you. There is no wrong time to take CBD, it really depends on your lifestyle and the reasons you’re taking it.

With that in mind we formulated our Rongoāvis CBD tinctures with adaptogenic botanicals that can be used all throughout the day. We recommend a morning, evening, and nighttime routine. Let’s take a look…

Morning / Mental Clarity & Focus – REVIVE

Start your morning with Revive for mental clarity and to set your mood for the day. Mornings usually follow some sort of routine, so adding a dose of Revive to it should be easy. Your cannabinoid system is working all the time anyway, why not give it a boost first thing in the morning? It will promote cannabinoid production throughout the day – promoting positive thinking and curbing negative thoughts. You’ll find relief from any aches and pains you might wake up with and a reduction in overall inflammation when taken as part of an everyday regimen. It’s wellness from the inside out!

Evening / Destress – CHILL-AX

After a long day busy at work, running errands, home projects, or playing with the kids, you need some self-care and time to destress. Chill-Ax was designed to do just that. It will refresh your mood and help you unwind after your day. Any aches and pains that developed during the day can be addressed and alleviated.

Nighttime / Sleep Support – SNOOZE

The combination of botanicals and full-spectrum CBD in our Snooze tincture is perfect for sleep support. Positive sleeping habits are important to your health and wellness. Your circadian rhythm determines your sleep schedule. Taking Snooze 45-60 minutes before bed can help you wind down for the night and ease you into a restful sleep. When you wake up in the morning you won’t feel groggy at all – no hangover effect. Instead, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to start your CBD routine again.

Other Factors to Consider

You can safely use multiple forms of CBD throughout the day. For example, if you’re on a 3x a day regimen with tinctures, you can also use CBD roll-ons/topicals as needed to alleviate pain and inflammation at the source. The same goes for an additional dose of tincture – say if you need to get yourself in the right frame of mind before public speaking or to calm the jitters when meeting up with new friends, since CBD works rather quickly, you can take a small dose (of Chill-Ax) beforehand.

Though we recommend taking CBD every day, with an “as-needed” approach you don’t have to. You can take it only when you feel it is necessary.

Now that you’ve got some guidelines for how often to take CBD, please tell us what you find works best for you! Drop us a line on social media and let us know how you’ve shaped your CBD journey.

Interested in starting your morning, evening, and nighttime CBD routine? We recommend our Tincture Bundle Pack. It has one 500mg CBD bottle of our three profiles – Revive, the recovery formula, Chill-Ax, the relaxation formula, and Snooze, the restful sleep formula.

The information contained in this post is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice.