RONGOĀVIS Renew Face Serum – Citrus 1oz (30ml)

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Healthy Glow Formula

Skin care is so important. Healthy skin makes you look and feel your best. RONGOĀVIS Renew Herbal-Infused Face Serum combines soothing botanicals with the anti-inflammatory benefits of full-spectrum CBD to bring balance to all skin types.  The proprietary blend found in RONGOĀVIS Renew includes avocado oil, lemon & orange extract, Vitamin E, primrose and magnesium.  Enriched with full-spectrum CBD, this face serum is carefully crafted to provide a gentle, natural, and effective way to nourish and renew your skin. It can also help in reducing redness caused by rosacea inflammation. Use daily for best results.

Made only with all organic and non-GMO ingredients.
Full Spectrum CBD Oil. 500mg/bottle.
Bottle Size: 1oz (30ml)


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